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To make Africa a more economically developped, politicaly stable and culturaly confident continent

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2019 Caritas Award

Tomorrow Foundation was invited to the 2019 Caritas Award Ceremony, held on Wednesday June 12 at the KKL Lucerne. Caritas Award is granted every year to people who have accomplished extraordinary things in the social field, cooperation development or regarding inter-culturalism. Award winners are characterized by innovative and sustainable commitment for which they need political and social...

June 2019 Switzerland

National competition Mini-company 2019 in Gabon

As part of the 3 years education program defined with Junior Achievement Africa, Tomorrow Foundation had the great pleasure to support and take part again this year to the «Mini-Company» National Business Competition in Gabon.

June 2019 Gabon

2019 UWC Changshu China Charity Auction for education aid

Our founder recently took part to the 2019 UWC Changshu China Charity Auction Dinner held at the UWC school. The event brought together more than 170 people including NGO representatives, officials, founders, board members, alumni, teachers and students of UWC campus.

April 2019 China

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